Eliza Stutters, 18541930 (aged 76 years)

Eliza /Stutters/
Given names

Eliza Stutters 1854-1930

Eliza Stutters was born 1854 at Stanstead, Suffolk, England. Her birth was registered in Sudbury, Suffolk, which covered Stanstead.

Her parents were Thomas Stutters, born about 1805 at Stanstead, and Mary Ann Craske, born 1824 at Shimpling, Suffolk, who married at Sudbury, Suffolk in 1842.

Her maternal grandparents were George Craske, born 1792 at Semer, Suffolk, and Susan Mortlock, born about 1804 at Shimpling, Suffolk, who married at Sudbury, Suffolk in 1821.

She married Thomas Bonner St Saviour's Church, Brixton, Surrey in 1877.

She died in 1930 at Lambeth, London.


1854 Birth UK Birth Index 1854. Sudbury, Suffolk. Jan-Mar, Vol 4a, Page 385 Stutters, Eliza

1871 UK Census GBC/1871/1588/0105 St Mary The Great, Cambridgeshire.

  • Household of Robert Roe,
  • Sarah Stutters, Servant, 22, Cook, born Stanstead, Suffolk
  • Eliza Stutters, Servant, 17, Housemaid, born Stanstead, Suffolk
  • Thomas Stutters, Visitor, 8, born Stanstead, Suffolk

1877 Marriage St Saviour's Church, Brixton, Surrey. Marriage Register 10 June 1877 Henry Thomas Bonner, aged 23 Father's Name: Thomas Bonner Eliza Stutters, aged 23 Father's Name: Thomas Stutters

1881 UK Census RG11/636, Folio 92, Page 15 Lyham Road, Wandsworth, Clapham, London.

  • Eliza Bonner, Wife, Married, 27, born Stanstead, Suffolk

1891 UK Census RG12/410, Folio 133, Page 52 Lambeth, London.

  • Henry T Bonner, Head, Married, 36, General Labourer, born London, England
  • Eliza Bonner, Wife, Married, 36, born Suffolk, England
  • Mary A Bonner, Daughter, 13, born London, England
  • William T Bonner, Son, 11, born London, England
  • Lily Bonner, Daughter, 9, born London, England
  • Ernest H Bonner, Son, 6, born London, England
  • Albert G Bonner, Son, 4, born Clapham, London, England
  • Sydney Bonner, Son, 1, born London, England

1901 UK Census Shedule 251, Page 38 Brixton, Lambeth, London.

  • Henry T Bonner, Head, 46, General Labourer, born Norwood, Surrey
  • Eliza Bonner, Wife, 47, born Stanstead, Suffolk
  • William Bonner, Son, 21, Carriers Carman, born Brixton, London
  • Ernest Bonner, Son, 16, Carriers Van Guard, born Clapham, London
  • Albert Bonner, Son, 14, Gardners Help, born Clapham, London
  • Sydney Bonner, Son, 12, Scholar, born Clapham, London
  • Alice Bonner, Daughter, 3, born Brixton, London
  • Myryam Sims, Visitor, 23, born Brixton, London
  • Percy G Sims, Visitor, 25, Telegraph Linesman, born Brixton, London
  • Percy Sims, 0, born Brixton, London

1911 UK Census RG14, Shedule 314, Folio 627, Page 1 Norwood, Lambeth, London.

  • Henry Bonner, Head, Married, 56, General Labourer, born Norwood, Surrey
  • Eliza Bonner, Wife, Married, 57, born Stanstead, Suffolk
  • Albert Bonner, Son, Single, 4, Kitchen Porter, born Clapham, Surrey
  • Sydney Bonner, Daughter, School, 13, born Brixton, Surrey
  • Leslie Reed, Boarder, 2, born Stockwell, Surrey

1930 Death UK Birth Index 1930. Lambeth, Jan-Mar, Vol 1d, Page 280 Bonner, Eliza

Eliza Stutters 1854-1930

Family with parents
Birth: 1805Stanstead, Suffolk, England
Death: 1881Sudbury, Suffolk, England
Birth: 1824Shimpling, Suffolk, England
Death: 1876Sudbury, Suffolk, England
Marriage Marriage1842Sudbury, Suffolk, England
1 year
elder sister
Birth: 1842Stanstead, Suffolk, England
Death: 1859Sudbury, Suffolk, England
3 years
elder sister
Birth: 1844Sudbury, Suffolk, England
Death: 1859Sudbury, Suffolk, England
2 years
elder sister
Birth: March 3, 1846Stanstead, Suffolk, England
3 years
elder sister
Birth: 1848Stanstead, Suffolk, England
7 years
Birth: 1854Stanstead, Suffolk, England
Death: 1930Lambeth, London, England
2 years
younger sister
Birth: May 1856Stanstead, Suffolk, England
Death: July 19, 1926Harvey, Cook County, Illinois, USA
3 years
younger brother
Birth: 1858Stanstead, Suffolk, England
4 years
younger sister
Birth: 1861Stanstead, Suffolk, England
Death: 1932Greenwich, London, England
3 years
younger brother
Birth: 1863Stanstead, Suffolk, England
4 years
younger sister
Birth: 1866Stanstead, Suffolk, England
4 years
younger sister
Birth: 1869Stanstead, Suffolk, England