Joseph Underwood, 1823


Joseph Underwood 1823 - 1849

Joseph Underwood was born at Atworth in 1823 and baptised at Atworth Chapel on 15 June 1823.

His parents were John Underwood born in 1794 and Ann Stone who married at Atworth in 1813 (at that time Atworth was part of the parish ofBradford on Avon).

He is listed on the 1841 UK Census as a nineteen year old living at Atworth.


1823 Baptism St Michael, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire. Chapel of Atworth. Baptism Register, 15 June 1823 Joseph son of John and Ann Underwood of Atworth, Labourer

1841 UK Census. HO107, Piece1166, Book3, Folio18, Page7 Atworth, Wiltshire. Thomas Wicks, 23, Occupation 'MS', born Wiltshire Joseph Underwood, 19m Occupation 'MS', born Wiltshire.


Atford, Wiltshire and Atworth, Wiltshire are the same place!

For clarity reasons, the word 'Atworth ' is prefered.

The following information is taken from the home page of the Atworth Village Website

The famous mapmaker and cartographer John Speed (1552 - 1629) shows Atworth on his maps of Wiltshire, but it is named as "Atford". Later, in 1773, the mapmakers Andrews and Dury, published a map of Wiltshire in which Atworth appeared as both "Atford" and as "Attworth".

The "At" component of the name has been associated with the word "oat", which may imply a role in the service of grain markets of the time.

When or where there may have been a ford in the village seems not be known at present.

By the time the Ordnance Survey produced its first maps in the early 19th century, the village was almost exclusively referred to as "Atworth".


There is no record of Joseph Underwood on a UK census after 1841. The following death record may refer to him (Devises is close to Atworth where he was living in 1841) but it is also possible that he emigrated.

1849 Possible Death UK Death Index 1849 Devizes, Wiltshire, England Oct-Dec, Vol 8, Page 226

Joseph Underwood 1823 - 1849

Family with parents
Birth: 1794
Death: 1824Atworth, Wiltshire, England
Birth: estimated 1794
Religious marriage Religious marriageJanuary 21, 1813Bradford, Wiltshire, England
10 months
elder brother
Baptism: November 7, 1813Atford, Bradford, Wiltshire, England
6 years
elder brother
Birth: 1819Atworth, Wiltshire, England
Death: 1890Dursley, Gloucestershire, England
5 years
Christening: June 15, 1823Atworth, Wiltshire, England