Lorraine Helen Underwood, 19631979 (aged 15 years)

Lorraine Helen /Underwood/

Listed twice in UK Death index, in 1979 when she was murdered, and in 1980 after conviction of the murderer.


Listed twice in UK Death index, in 1979 when she was murdered, and in 1980 after conviction of the murderer.



Lorraine Helen Underwood was born at Belper, Derbyshire on 27 September 1963.

Her parents were David M Underwood and Margaret Holms, who married at Belper, Derbyshire in 1963.

Her paternal grandparents were George Frederick Underwood born at Derby in 1910 and Mary E Underwood (nee Higton) born at Belper, Derbyshire in 1914, who married at Belper, in 1932.

15 April 1979 Murder

Lorraine and her boyfriend were both murdered on 15 April 1979 and she is listed in the UK Death index twice. Once in 1979 when she was murdered and again in 1980 after the conviction of the person who murdered her (page 60)

The following information is from articles in the 'Liverpool Echo' and the 'Newcastle Evening Chronicle' both dated Monday 17 December 1979

On Monday 17 December 1979, Arthur Hall, a 38-year-old married father-of-two from the village of Cromford, was sentenced to two periods of life imprisonment at Nottingham Crown Court for the “brutal and ruthless " murders of 15 year old Lorraine Underwood and 18 year old Peter Thompson.

Hall pleaded guilty to the murder of the two teenagers, whose bodies were found in shallow graves near Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, two weeks after they disappeared on an Easter Sunday walk.

Mr. Justice Kenneth Jones told Hall: “ You destroyed these two young lives in circumstances of brutality and ruthlessness from which the human mind must recoil. These were the most horrible crimes."

He added: "I regard you as so dangerous that life imprisonment should mean precisely what it says - that you should be incarcerated for the rest of your natural life, or for such a time that your physical faculties are so declined that you are no longer a danger to man nor child."

Earlier, just after the start of the hearing, Hall had tried to escape from the dock and he was taken back to the cells after struggling with seven prison officers who were guarding him. He was escorted back about 15 minutes later with his hands manacled behind his back.

The teenagers had gone for a walk together on the afternoon of Easter Sunday, 15 April 1979, but when they failed to return home Lorraine's mother (Margaret Underwood) reported them missing.

An extensive search was mounted, but it was not until two weeks later, at the end of April, that a member of the Derby Mountain Rescue Team found Lorraine's body, buried under large stones and covered with ivy branches near Hall Eye Quarry. Peter's body was found later about 240 yards away.

A post-mortem examination on Lorraine Underwood showed she had been violently assaulted at least five or six times with a blunt object, possibly a stone or shotgun, and the position of her clothing suggested there had been sexual intercourse. Peter's post-mortem showed he had been shot once in the chest from a range of four to five feet, and then in the back of the head from a range of about one foot.

Hall eventually told his wife of his involvement in the murders, and on June 12, he went to the murder incident post at Cromford Meadows. He was interviewed by Detective Chief Inspector Burgess and Detective Chief Inspector Downing , and told them the shooting of peter was accidental.

Hall told them he was in the woods shooting near a wall and Peter and Lorraine were beside the wall. Peter told him to go away, so Hall spun round and shot him in the chest. Peter dropped to the ground and was moaning, and Lorraine ran away with Hall running after her. He described to the police how he raped Lorraine and had then used his gun to beat her around the face. He then returned to Peter who was still alive, put the gun to peter's head and shot him again.


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The sweethearts were buried together at St Mark's Church, Cromford, Derbyshire and the gravestone has the following inscription: Lorraine Underwood Aged 15 Peter Thompson Aged 18 Died April 15 1979 Two hearts entwined stopped beating Two sweethearts laid to rest God's garden must be beautiful For He only takes the best.

1979 Death Registration ** (Year she was murdered) UK Death index 1979 Bakewell, Derbyshire Apr-Jun, vol 6, page M80 Underwood, Lorraine Helen Born 27 Sep 1963

1980 Death Registration (After conviction of her murderer) UK Death index 1980 Bakewell, Derbyshire Jan-Mar, vol 6, page 60 Underwood, Lorraine Helen Born 27 Sep 1963


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Family with parents
Birth: September 27, 1963Belper, Derbyshire, England
Death: April 15, 1979Bakewell, Derbyshire, England