Percival Harry Underwood, 18831963 (aged 79 years)

Percival Harry /Underwood/

Father name given as Octavius, but he was christened Octavious


Percival Harry Underwood 1883–1963

Percival Harry Underwood was born at 101 Annesley Street, Nottingham, England on 28 April 1883, with the birth being registered on 4 June 1883.

His parents were Octavious Underwood, born at Dursley, Gloucestershire, in 1857, and Agnes Underwood (nee Meakin) born at Chellaston, Derbyshire, in 1855 who married in 1895.

His paternal grandparents were George William Underwood, born at Atworth, Wiltshire in 1819, and Maria Underwood (nee Lane) born in 1823.

Percival Harry Underwood married Lavinia Minnie Hart in Derby in 1904, and they had three children:

  1. George Frederick Underwood, born at Derby in 1910,
  2. Richard Underwood, born at Derby in 1914,
  3. Alice L Underwood, born at Bakewell, Derbyshire in 1921.

Percival Harry Underwood died in Bakewell aged 80 in 1963.


1883 Birth UK index of births. April to June 1883. Nottingham, Vol 7b, page 402. Underwood Percival Harry

UK Certificate of Birth. District: Nottingham, Sub-district: Exchange,. 28th April 1883, 101 Amnesley Street, Nottingham,. Percival Harry, boy, Father: Octavius Underwood, Mother: Agnes Underwood, formerly Meakin, Occupation of father: Machine Fitter,. Registered 4th June 1883.

Father name given as Octavius, but he was christened Octavious

1891 UK Census RG12Piece2721Folio35Page7 Shedule 42, Bolton Edge, Chellaston, Derbyshire.

  • Octavius Underwood, Head, Married, 33, Miner / Plaster Pit Labourer, born Dursley, Gloucestershire.
  • Agnes Underwood, Wife, Married, 35, born Chellaston, Derbyshire.
  • Florence E Underwood, Daughter, 12, Scholar, born Derby, Derbyshire.
  • Octavius G Underwood, Son, 10, Scholar, born Long Eaton, Derbyshire.
  • Percival H Underwood, Son, 7, Scholar, born Nottingham.
  • Orlando M Underwood, Son, 6, Scholar, born Derby, Derbyshire.
  • Alice E Underwood, Daughter, 1, born Chellaston, Derbyshire.

1892 School Record National School Admission Register 1892. Percival Hy Underwood, born 28 April 1883. Aston on Trent National School, Aston, Derbyshire. Parent: Oct Underwood.

1901 UK Census Newton House, 2 Snelsmore Lane, Chellaston, Derbyshire.

  • Edward Meakin, Head, Widower, 66, Manager Plaster Mine, born Chellaston, Derbyshire.
  • Agnes Underwood, Housekeeper, Married, 45, Housekeeper - Domestic, born Chellaston, Derbyshire.
  • Octavius Underwood, Border, Married, 43, Plaster Miner Below Ground, born Dursley, Gloucestershire.
  • Octavius G Underwood, Border, Single, 20, Labourer plaster mine above ground, born Long Eaton, Derbyshire.
  • Percival H Underwood, Border, Single, 17, Labourer Plaster Mine Above Ground, born Nottingham.
  • Alice E Underwood, border, 11, born Chellaston, Derbyshire.
  • Cyril B Underwood, border, 4, born Chellaston, Derbyshire.

In the above census, Agnes Underwood was Edwin Meakin's Niece (he was her father's brother) and Cyril Oliver Underwood has mistakenly been listed as Cyril B Underwood

1904 Marriage UK index of marriages. April to June 1904. Percival Harry Underwood, Derby, vol 7b, page 1233. Hart Lavinia Minnie, Derby, vol 7b, page 1233.

1911 UK Census 11 Liversage Place, Derby, Derbyshire.

  • Percival Harry Underwood, head, male, aged 28, born Derby 1883, Caretaker PF Chapel.
  • Lavinia Underwood, wife, female, aged 32, born Derby.
  • George Underwood, son, male, aged 0, born Derby.

1939 UK Register Wellfield Cotages, Wellfield Road, Matlock, Derbyshire.

  • Percival Underwood, born 28 April 1883, General Labourer, Married.
  • Lavinia Underwood, born 02 Oct 1877, Housewife, Married.
  • Alice L Beresford, born 3 Feb 1921, Cotton Winder, Married.
  • Richard Underwood, born 16 Apr 1914, Regular Army, Single. 453585 L/Sgt 12th Indian Infantry.
  • Eric Beresford, born 21 Nov 1918, Cook, Single.

1963 Death UK index of deaths. July to Sept 1963. Underwood Percival Harry Aged 80. Bakewell, Vol 3a, page 25.

Percival Harry Underwood 1883–1963

Family with parents
Birth: October 19, 1857Dursley, Gloucestershire, England
Death: 1934Basford, Derbyshire, England
Birth: 1855Shardlow, Derbyshire, England
Death: 1912Derby, Derbyshire, England
Marriage MarriageJune 17, 1895Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
-17 years
elder sister
Birth: 1878Derby, Derbyshire, England
3 years
elder brother
Birth: December 1880Long Eaton, Derbyshire, England
Death: 1915France
2 years
Birth: April 28, 1883Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Death: 1963Bakewell, Derbyshire, England
20 months
younger brother
Birth: 1884Derby, Derbyshire, England
Death: 1894Shardlow, Derbyshire, England
6 years
younger sister
Birth: 1889Chellaston, Derbyshire, England
Death: 1914Derby, Derbyshire, England
8 years
younger brother
Birth: November 16, 1896Chellaston, Derbyshire, England
Death: April 8, 1983Derby, Derbyshire, England
Family with Lavinia Minnie Hart
Birth: April 28, 1883Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Death: 1963Bakewell, Derbyshire, England
Birth: April 28, 1877Derby, Derbyshire, England
Death: 1951Bakewell, Derbyshire, England
Marriage Marriage1904Derby, Derbyshire, England
6 years
Birth: April 21, 1910Derby, Derbyshire, England
Death: 1986Derby, Derbyshire, England
4 years
Birth: April 16, 1914Derby, Derbyshire, England
Death: June 1, 1965Derby, Derbyshire, England
7 years
Birth: February 3, 1921Bakewell, Derbyshire, England
Death: 1966Bakewell, Derbyshire, England