Underwood Family Tree


Our current tree goes back over 200 years with the earliest date of birth currently being in the 1700's.

The main  tree follows the descendants of

  • William Underwood born at Atford, Wiltshire in 1813.
  • George William Underwood born at Atworth in 1819. 
  • Joseph Underwood born at Atworth, Wiltshire in 1823.


This website has a companion site which provides additional Family Tree Information of a more general nature that does not easily fit onto the Family Tree site itself, but which is nevertheless related to the family and of interest to members of the family.


Our main family came from Atworth, Wiltshire but soon branched out to Dursley, Gloucestershire, and other areas of South West England before moving to London.  They then spread to all other areas of England and can be found in Bedfordshire, Bristol, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Dorset, Durham, Essex, Gloucester, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, London, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Salford, Somerset, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Teeside, Tyneside,  Wiltshire, Yorkshire.


The Underwood Family Tree also has links with Burma, France, Germany, India, Latvia, Libya, Singapore, USA and Wales.  In some cases family members have been born or died in those countries, but in other instances family members have lived or worked there.


Male Underwood's have kept the Underwood Family Name, but female members of the Underwood Family who have married have created other branches of the family.  Surnames linked to the Underwood Family include Bates, Brown, Budding, Curtis, Grace, Meakin, Saul, Spencer, Winfield and many others.  There are almost ninety different surnames currently listed, so whatever your surname, you may find you have Underwood Descendants or Underwood Cousins through marriage.


If your surname is Underwood, and you have a family tree that is not currently included on the site, please get in touch. We can add your family tree to the site, and we would hope to link the the two branches together in due course.


Family members need to register on the website to see all the information, but registration is completely free and the website itself is completely advert free.

Information currently on the site includes the following:

  1. Birth Certificates
  2. Marriage Certificates
  3. Death Certificates
  4. Census records
  5. Photographs
  6. Biographies
  7. Armed Forces records
  8. Employment records
  9. Family Statistics: average death age, most popular first names, etc.
  10. And so much more.

Information available to site visitors is severely limited, but information available to family members is not restricted other than to respect the confidentiality of living persons who you are not closely related to.

To register

  1. on the site click on the 'Sign in' link at the top of the page,
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  3. You 'must' be related to someone already on the tree (however distantly)>
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