Sarah Stutters 1848

Sarah Stutters was born 1848 at Stanstead, Suffolk, England. Her birth was registered in Sudbury, Suffolk, which covered Stanstead. She was baptised at Stanstead on 29 March 1846

Her parents were Thomas Stutters, born about 1805 at Stanstead, and Mary Ann Craske, born 1824 at Shimpling, Suffolk, who married at Sudbury, Suffolk in 1842.

Her maternal grandparents were George Craske, born 1792 at Semer, Suffolk, and Susan Mortlock, born about 1804 at Shimpling, Suffolk, who married at Sudbury, Suffolk in 1821.


1848 Birth UK Birth Index 1848. Sudbury, Suffolk. Jul-Sep, Vol 12, Page 462 Stutters, Sarah

1851 UK Census HO107/1789 7 Upper Street, Stanstead, Sudbury, Suffolk.

  • Thomas Stutters, Head, Married, Aged 46, Labourer, born Stanstead.
  • Mary Ann Stutters, Wife, Married, Aged 27, born Shimpling.
  • Ellen Stutters, Daughter, Aged 9, born Stanstead.
  • Emily Stutters, Daughter, Aged 7, born Stanstead.
  • Martha Stutters, Daughter, Aged 5, born Stanstead.
  • Sarah Stutters, Daughter, Aged 2, born Stanstead.
  • Thomas Craske, Brother in Law, Unmarried, Aged 21, Agricultural Labourer, born Shimpling.

1861 UK Census RG09/1130, Folio 90, Page 33 Inn, Old Market Place, Sudbury St Peter, Suffolk.

    • Household of Inkeeper
  • Sarah Stutters, Servant, 12, born Glemsford, Suffolk

1871 UK Census GBC/1871/1588/0105 St Mary The Great, Cambridgeshire.

  • Household of Robert Roe,
  • Sarah Stutters, Servant, 22, Cook, born Stanstead, Suffolk
  • Eliza Stutters, Servant, 17, Housemaid, born Stanstead, Suffolk
  • Thomas Stutters, Visitor, 8, born Stanstead, Suffolk

Sarah Stutters 1848