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======== REGISTERING ========
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======== WHY REGISTER =======

Family members who register on the Underwood Family Tree Website

Remember:  Only family members are allowed to register on the family tree.  If you do not register then you cannot view the images on the website, nor can you view details of any family members who are still alive.

======== REGISTERING ========

To register for a free account you need to be able to explain how you are related to the Underwood Family.

Applications where the 'comments' section does not contain the above three required pieces of information will be delayed until we receive the information required.

We will then review your application for approval. Please be patient as proper review and verification may take some time. 

Once we confirm your relationship we will enter you into our database as a registered member of the Underwood Family Tree website.

You can register on the site by clicking on the 'Request New User Account' on our home page.

========== PRIVACY =========

All members of the underwoodfamilytree.com website should consider privacy of paramount importance.  We protect our data vigorously.

Our website software hides details about people who are alive unless you are a close family member who is logged into the site using your family tree username and password.

Signing into the site with your username and password allows you to see information for living people who are defined as a close relative.

YOU MUST NOT copy our data on living persons to any other website or to places that you may be unable to protect the privacy of these individuals. This includes social network sites.  You can be held legally responsible if you do so.

WE WILL NOT share the information from this website with anyone else, nor do we contribute information to any commercial enterprise.

The database used to create this website will remain in our possession

Information on the database

Personal data will not be shared by us with any public source and our users are sworn to the same high standards.

The security of your password is essential in protecting the privacy of your own and other family members information, so keep it safe. We recommend that you change your password from time to time.

========== EDITORS =========

When family members first register on the Underwood Family Tree website they can view additional information but they cannot add or alter information.  However, once you have been registered on the website for a month (to give you the opportunity to have a good look around the site) you can ask to become an editor.   If you are interested in taking up family history research as a hoby we will provide extensive help and support and we encourage you to take up this opportunity.

Being an editor can be a really enjoyable hobby.  It allows you to add additional information and additional people. For example, there may be lots of information on the website about your father's side of the family, but little or no information about your mother's side of the family (or vice cersa).  Being an editor can ensure your own children and grandchildren are properly represented, or that your own grand-parent, great-grand-parents, or even great-great-grand-parents are properly listed.


All changes made by an editor have to be approved by a moderator or site manager.

Where Should I Start

If you are a new editor you should always start with your own immediate close family.  Check that the information is correct.  See if there is any information you can add.  See if there are any images you can add, either of the people concerned, or of any birth, marriage or death certificates.

Once you have checked your own immediate close family there are two different routes you can take.

  1. If you married into the family, it is likely that there may be plenty of information about your husbands ancestors but little or no information about your own ancestors.  The most interesting thing you could do is to research your own ancestors by adding your own two parents and your own four grandparents, and all their children, and so on.
  2. If you did not marry into the family, the best thing for you to do would be to research someone who was born in the 1880's about whome there is only a little information listed.  These are probably the easiest people to get information about.  Civil registration of births, marriages and deaths commenced in 1837, and a detailed census has been held every ten years since 1841.  Starting with someone born in the 1880's means there should be census records and civil registration records for them.

How to Start

If you agree to become an editor we will send you comprehensive detailed instructions that you can refer to on screen or print out. 

In the meantime, here are a few instructions to help you get started.



======= STEP CHILDREN =======

Step-children can be (and are) included as valued members of the family, but they are always linked to their biological parents.

An example:

Joe Bloggs and Ann Smith marry and have a daughter named Mary Bloggs
Joe Bloggs dies.  Ann Bloggs (nee Smith) then marries Fred Green.
Fred Green and Ann Green (nee Smith) have a son named Sid Green.

In practice, this means: