Underwood Family Tree

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Underwood Family Tree

The Underwood Family Tree goes back over 200 years with the earliest date of birth currently being in the 1700's.

The main part of the tree follows the descendants of John Underwood born at Atworth, Wiltshire in 1794.  He had at least three sons, William Underwood born at Atford, Wiltshire in 1813, and George William Underwood born at Atworth in 1819,  and Joseph Underwood born at Atworth, Wiltshire in 1823.

George William Underwood married three times.  To Maria LANE at Gloucester in 1840, to Matilda CURTIS at Dursley, Gloucestershire in 1851, and to Sarah OWEN (his second wife's step-mother) at Chipping Sodbury, Bristol in 1881.

He had four children with Maria Lane

  1. William George Underwood born at Gloucester in 1841, married Emma BIRMINGHAM at Selworthy Somerset in 1862.
  2. Ann Maria Underwood born at Bridgwater, Somerset in 1844, married John BUDDING at Bristol in 1869.
  3. John James Underwood who was born and died at Gloucester in 1849, and
  4. Fanny Underwood who was born and died at Gloucester in 1850, the same year as her mother.

He had eleven children with Matilda Curtis

  1. George Thomas Underwood born at Gloucester in 1852, married Mary BOURNE at Bristol in 1849.
  2. John Henry Underwood born at Gloucester in 1853.
  3. Orlando Underwood born at Bristol in 1855, married Emma Jane LUSTY at Dursley in 1881.
  4. Octavious Underwood born at Dursley, Gloucestershire in 1857, Married Agnes MEAKIN at Nottingham in 1895.
  5. Rosa Matilda Underwood born at Dursley in 1860, Married John Edwin RIDDICK at Dursley in 1892, and Arthur George BENNETT at Swindon, Wiltshire in 1906.
  6. Saran Charlotte Eugene Underwood born at Dursley in 1862.
  7. Florence Jane Underwood born at Dursley in 1863.
  8. Eliza Kate Underwood born at Dursley in 1865.
  9. Alice Curtis Underwood born at Dursley in 1867, who married Arthur LUSTY at Dursley in 1893.
  10. Arthur Underwood born at Dursley in 1869, who married Berthan Helen LUPTON at St Pancras, London in 1898.
  11. Laura Mary Underwood born at Dursley in 1871, who married Henry VASEY at Gloucester in 1893.

The earliest members of the family come from Atworth, Wiltshire, England but soon branched out into Dursley, Gloucestershire, and other areas of South West England before moving to London.  They then spread to all other areas of England and can be found in the genealogical records of Bedfordshire, Bristol, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Dorset, Durham, Essex, Gloucester, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, London, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Salford, Somerset, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Teeside, Tyneside,  Wiltshire, Yorkshire.

Our particular Underwood Family Tree has connections not only with England, but also has links with Burma, France, Germany, India, Latvia, Libya, Singapore, USA and Wales.  In some cases family members have been born or died in those countries, but in other instances family members have lived or worked there.

Whilst the male Underwood's have kept the Underwood Family Name alive, their wives, and the female members of the Underwood Family who have married and had children, have created other branches of the family.  The surnames that have links to Underwood Ancestry or Underwood Ancestors include Bates, Brown, Budding, Curtis, Grace, Meakin, Saul, Spencer, Winfield and many others.  This list only includes the top ten surnames connected to the Underwood Family Tree.  There are almost ninety different surnames currently listed, so whatever your surname, you may find you have Underwood Descendants or Underwood Cousins through marriage.